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10 Smart Ways for Paper-Centric Businesses to Save on Printing

10 smart ways to save on printing

Hey there fellow office warriors! Read on for ten smart ways for your paper-centric business to save on printing! We’ve all been there – drowning in a sea of paper, surrounded by reams of documents that multiply at an astonishing rate. It’s like a scene from a modern-day reimagining of the Tower of Babel, except instead of building a tower to the heavens, we’re building a mountain of paperwork that could probably touch the clouds. But worry not, my eco-conscious friends, for I come bearing tidings of printing solutions!


Now, who are the usual suspects in this paper-packed predicament? Well, hello legal firms, insurance companies, academic institutions, and good ol’ bureaucratic offices! These champions of the printed word churn out more paper than a novelist in a caffeine-induced writing frenzy. But no need to worry your beautiful selves, because the paper printing office revolution is here, and we’ve got ten tips to save your printing costs, one sheet at a time.


We’ll touch on these ten treasured tips below:


  1. Embrace Digital Age
  2. Adopt Cloud Collaboration Tools
  3. Duplex Printing is Your Friend
  4. Print Only What You Need
  5. Set Default Printing to Draft Mode
  6. Choose Eco-Friendly Fonts
  7. Go Paperless with Contracts and Agreements
  8. Print Preview: Your New Best Friend
  9. Recycling and Responsible Disposal
  10. Recycled Toner and Inks

Embrace the Digital Age: In an era where digital transformation is the name of the game, it’s high time for paper-centric businesses to hop on the bandwagon. Embracing the digital age isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about survival. The first step is to start converting those paper documents into digital files. Imagine the storage room that’s about to shed its identity as a labyrinth of dusty cabinets, now morphing into a sleek, organized haven for your electronic treasures.


But the benefits don’t end there. Digitizing documents means you can bid farewell to the paper shuffle dance when trying to find that one elusive contract from three years ago. A quick search, a few clicks, and voila – you’ve got your virtual hands on it. Plus, let’s not forget the space you’ll be saving. No more rows upon rows of filing cabinets guzzling up valuable real estate. Instead, you’ll have room for a chill corner with bean bags and maybe even a ping pong table. Who said going paperless can’t be fun?


Adopt Cloud Collaboration Tools: Picture this: your team is working on a project that requires inputs from multiple departments. Traditionally, you’d print out the document, pass it around like a secret note in middle school, wait for everyone’s input, and then try to decipher the scribbles. Ah, the joy of inefficiency!


But wait, enter the cloud collaboration tools – the modern-day magic wand for paper-centric businesses. Tools like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer a utopian workspace where documents reside in the cloud, accessible to authorized collaborators. You can edit, comment, suggest changes, and even engage in real-time discussions, all within the digital realm. No more chasing down colleagues to get their signatures. It’s a symphony of productivity that doesn’t require a single sheet of paper.


Duplex Printing is Your Friend: Okay, let’s be honest – even in the most digitally evolved offices, there are times when the printer’s siren call cannot be ignored. There’s a simple trick to make your printer a little more eco-friendly: duplex printing.


Duplex printing, also known as double-sided printing, is the hero we need. It’s like having the power to halve your paper usage with the flick of a switch. Those lengthy reports that used to gobble up reams of paper? Now, they gracefully glide out of the printer, sporting information on both sides like a synchronized dance performance. And the best part? Duplex printing doesn’t just save trees; it also saves money. I’m not sure it is dramatic to say that it’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of the paper rainbow.


Print Only What You Need: We’ve all been guilty of this at some point – hitting the print button with the enthusiasm of everyone’s grandma printing every joke email that comes to her inbox. But before you unleash the printing frenzy, ask yourself: do I really need a hard copy of this? Chances are, in many cases, the answer is a resounding “no.”


Hold your horses! Before you start spewing out pages like there’s no tomorrow, consider whether the document can live happily ever after in the digital realm. If it can, save it as a PDF and let your screen be your paper. It’s a win-win situation – you save on printing costs and contribute to a more sustainable future. Remember, each sheet you save is a tiny victory for your wallet and the environment.


Set Default Printing to Draft Mode: Not every document requires the royal treatment when it comes to printing. That internal memo about the upcoming potluck lunch? It doesn’t need to be printed in high-resolution color, complete with intricate graphics that would make Da Vinci proud. This is where draft mode swoops in like a printing superhero.


Draft mode is like the minimalist’s approach to printing. It uses less ink and prints faster, making it perfect for those documents that are for internal eyes only. By setting your printers to default to draft mode, you’re not just saving ink and paper; you’re also streamlining your office’s printing process. It’s a small change with big rewards and your wallet will thank you.


Choose Eco-Friendly Fonts: Fonts – those unsung heroes of the written word. Who knew that the choice of font could have an impact beyond aesthetics? Enter the world of eco-friendly fonts, where every character is designed with sustainability in mind. One such font is Century Gothic, a sleek and modern typeface that’s not only easy on the eyes but also light on ink and toner.


Imagine the scenario: you’re about to print a series of brochures for an upcoming event. You could go with the usual suspects – elaborate fonts that demand extra ink for their intricate curves and swirls. Or you could choose Century Gothic and watch your ink consumption plummet. It’s a small change that can lead to significant savings over time, all while keeping your printed materials looking stylish and professional.


Go Paperless with Contracts and Agreements: Ah, the world of contracts and agreements – the domain where signatures meet ink, and paper meets bureaucracy. But guess what? This isn’t the 20th century anymore. The days of printing, signing, scanning, and emailing are over. It’s time to usher in a new era of efficiency and sustainability through electronic signatures and digital contracts.


Electronic signatures are legally binding and recognized in many jurisdictions, making them a practical alternative to the traditional ink-on-paper approach. Imagine the time and resources you’ll save by eliminating the need for physical paperwork. No more playing tag with colleagues to get their signature; instead, you can send contracts with a few clicks and receive signed copies just as swiftly. It’s like cutting through red tape with an electric saw – quick, efficient, and oddly satisfying.


Print Preview: Your New Best Friend: We’ve all been there – the excitement of hitting the print button followed by the sinking feeling when the printer spits out a document that looks nothing like what you had in mind. Fonts are off, images are misplaced, and that carefully designed layout is now a jumbled mess. It’s enough to make you question your life choices.


There’s a simple solution that can save you from the heartache of wasted toner, paper, and time: the print preview option. Before you commit to the print, take a moment to click on that magical preview button. It’s like a sneak peek into the future, allowing you to catch unwanted pages and formatting issues before they manifest in the physical world. A quick adjustment and you’re ready to print with confidence.


Recycling and Responsible Disposal: Let’s face it – even with the most well-executed strategies for reducing paper usage, there will be times when printing is unavoidable. Contracts that require physical signatures, official documents that demand a hard copy – they’re part and parcel of the business landscape.


But here’s the thing: responsible printing goes hand in hand with responsible disposal. Make sure your office has a robust recycling and disposal system in place. Establish designated recycling bins for paper waste and ensure that they’re easily accessible to all employees. A good place is right next to the printers to make it a no-brainer when the printer inevitably jams and you have twelve crumpled pages wasted. Educate your team about the importance of recycling and the role they play in reducing the environmental impact of their printing habits.


Additionally, consider implementing a shredding and recycling program for sensitive documents that have reached the end of their lifecycle. This not only ensures data security but also contributes to a circular economy where paper is recycled into new products rather than being sent to a landfill. By focusing on responsible disposal, you’re closing the loop on your paper usage journey and completing the circle of sustainability.


Recycled Toner and Inks: Okay, hold onto your office chairs, folks, because I’m about to unveil a printing hack that’s more brilliant than a disco ball at a dance-off – recycled toner and inks. Yes, you heard me right. And no, I don’t believe this is too much hype for such an idea. Quality paper, toner, and ink can sometimes feel like the pricey VIP section of the printing party. But we’ve got a slick trick up our sleeves called Green Imaging Solutions!


Think about it: you’re sourcing top-notch recycled toner and ink that cost less from the get-go. Your budget is already doing a victory dance, and you haven’t even hit the print button yet. Combine this money-saving masterstroke with the tactics we’ve covered above, and you’re looking at a printing budget that’s about to shrink faster than that sweater you accidentally threw in the dryer.


So there you have it, our printing penny-pinchers! With these savvy tips, you can transform your paper-choked workspace into an eco-friendly haven, all while keeping those hard-earned dollars in your pocket. Remember, every paper saved is a tree high-fiving the planet, and every dollar saved is a small victory in the battle against the ever-growing expense sheet. You’re not just saving on printing costs – you’re making a meaningful contribution to a greener, more sustainable future. So go forth, print less, and save more – the earth (and your bank account) will thank you for it!


For more on how to save money in your business, read our post 7 Ways to Cut Expenses Today.


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