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10 Surprising Recyclable Items You Didn’t Know About

Reduce, reuse, recycle. You’ve heard or read this before, with the triplet being the battle cry of the green generation as a response to the growing landfills that have a variety of different impacts on the environment. But it’s not always easy to identify recyclable items, due to a lack of education or because this feature may not be obviously displayed on the packaging.

You might ask “why don’t people recycle more?”, but the sad fact is people often simply aren’t aware of what household items can be repurposed through the process. That’s why we put together this list of 10 things that can be recycled, despite not being obvious choices like cardboard, glass bottles, and aluminum cans.

Cell Phones

By now, you’ve probably had cell phones in numbers nearing double digits, many of which are technologically obsolete or let’s face it too damaged to sell off to a new home. Never fear though, as there are a number of uses for your old phone, especially in manufacturing contexts. However, you can’t just toss your old Samsung in a recycling bag, so you’ll have to find the right place to dispose of it in a green way. 

Recyclable Items: Clothing

Don’t just toss your old glad rags in the bin, they’re amazing items for recycling! If your clothes are ripped, old, unsellable, or simply unsuitable for handing down to little siblings, you can do more than just toss them in a garbage can   the fabrics in clothes can be repurposed for a variety of uses. The caveat is that you might have to communicate with your local recycling center before bringing them in. 

Recyclable Items: Fluorescent Lightbulbs

This one should really be a little more obvious, with glass being one of the go-to things to recycle, but you’d be surprised at how many people neglect to recycle their used fluorescent lightbulbs. The glass and even metal elements of fluorescent lightbulbs and tubes can be repurposed for all manner of things, though it might still be a good idea to contact your local center before bringing them in. 

Recyclable Items: Shredded Paper

But of course! Paper and cardboard are probably something you recycle pretty regularly, but shredded paper in workplaces often finds its way into traditional garbage hauls. Whether this is due to the tinsel-esque look of the shreds or its vicinity to the trash, we’re not sure, but next time you shred up some old, defunct documents, send the results to the recycling! 

Recyclable Items: Batteries

At the midpoint of our list of recyclable items, we have batteries, which may come as something of a shock (pun intended). Not all batteries can be recycled, but a lot of both rechargeable and single-use options definitely can be. Definitely one to contact your local recycling plant about, but don’t throw them away before finding out!

Recyclable Items: CDs, DVDs & Game Disks

Since the digital entertainment revolution of streaming and downloads, a lot of us have CDs, DVDs, and video game disks collecting dust on our shelves, many of which are probably scratched and unusable anyway! You can hold that collection if you like, or donate the undamaged ones to thrift stores and similar places (an even quicker way to recycle!), but don’t throw your scratched disks in the trash. Each of these items falls firmly into the category of things you can recycle.

Recyclable Items: Shaving Razors

Razor blades don’t last forever, but just because they’ve gone a bit rusty and need replacing, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be of use to someone. The metal in razor blades can be used in a wide variety of industries for all manner of products and technology. Best of all, they can simply be tossed in with your everyday recycling load! 

Recyclable Items: Cooking & Motor Oil

When you think of what can be recycled and what can’t, liquids will generally find their way into the latter. However, both cooking and motor oil have uses long after their initial usage. In the case of cooking oil, the used product is generally kept in rotation for as long as possible by fast food establishments, while motor oil recycling is something you can learn about from local guidelines. 

Recyclable Items: Washing Machines 

This one might make your head spin, but washing machines are actually loaded with recyclable elements! Being crafted from metal and plastic, there are so many parts of old washing machines that can be used for industrial reasons, while there are also plenty of places that will take a whole washing machine to work with for their own reasons. Upgraded white goods don’t have to mean more landfills! 

Recyclable Items: Ink Cartridges

Yes, it’s true   ink and toner cartridges are totally recyclable, despite over 300 million used cartridges going to landfills on a yearly basis. Along with the empty cartridges themselves being recyclable for the plastic, they can also be cleaned and refilled to be sold as remanufactured ink cartridges. These refurbished cartridges are better for the environment, cheaper, and often highly reliable, giving you plenty of reasons to bring more into the world!

Now that you’ve 10 things you didn’t know could be recycled, it’s time to start putting green principles into practice. At Green Imaging Solutions, we specialize in premium remanufactured ink and toner cartridges, so you can enjoy the same quality of print results while saving some money and doing your bit for the planet!

For more information on our products and blogs on the industry, check out our website now!

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