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6 Productivity Tips for Working from Home


One of the most monumental trends struck by the Covid19 pandemic is the growing acceptance of flexible workplaces. The pandemic involuntarily pushed everyone to work from home whether they liked it or not.
A majority of individuals are in the favor of shifting to a work-from-home environment, given its flexibility and ease of working. But there still exists a significant number of individuals who rather try to avoid working from home due to its clashes with productivity and time management.
There are a lot of tips and advice out there on how to increase your productivity at work. There are fewer people who talk about maintaining and increasing productivity while working from home.
We understand that working from home can often lead to distractions as it brings your professional and personal life to close proximity. But a few simple steps can ensure that you stay focused on the tasks at hand and don’t get distracted by other things going on in your life. Here are 6 tips to help you increase your productivity and make the most of your time when working from home.


1. Find a work-from-home space that is quiet and distraction-free

Working from your bed might not be the most ideal situation when trying to churn out a productive day at work. Make sure that you have a dedicated working space at your home that allows you to focus on your work. 

It doesn’t have to be an entire room to yourself taking into account the fact that not everyone has a spare room to convert into a home office. But try to find a place that is free of any distractions.

When you do this, it’s easier to stay focused on the task at hand because you won’t be distracted by other things going on around you. Set up your work area and make sure to have your computer, phone charger, and any other tools you need within easy reach.


2. Invest in a good chair and desk for comfortable working conditions

This one might seem obvious, but investing in a good chair and desk will significantly influence your productivity levels.

A quality desk will help you better organize your workspace and help you accommodate all your essentials in one place. More importantly, it would be a place that would be completely dedicated to your work and nothing else.

A chair that provides optimum comfort and supports your spine the right way is what defines a quality chair and it is totally worth investing in. No one likes to entertain back pain when they are serious about their health and work.

Create a comfortable, clean work environment. When you sit down at your computer or desk, you want to feel good—so make sure it isn’t cluttered and that there are no distractions around (like dirty dishes stacked up in the sink).


3. Make sure your computer setup is ergonomic to avoid injury

A lot of people experience back pain or other injuries from sitting in front of their computers all day long. One way to avoid this is by setting up your computer ergonomically, which means making sure it’s at eye level and using a chair with good support.

If you have a standing desk, make sure it’s the right height and that your feet are planted firmly on the ground. You also want to keep your arms at a 90-degree angle when using your keyboard so they’re not straining or stretching too much while typing.


4. Create a daily routine and stick to it as best you can

When working from home you may be tempted to work late into the night mainly because it becomes difficult to distinguish the beginning and end of a work day. But sooner or later this will lead to burnout and you’ll be left completely exhausted.

To avoid this situation it’s important to have a daily routine that you follow religiously. Your body will eventually sync to your routine and it’ll get easier for you to stay on track. It’ll not only keep you from getting burned out and make your work more productive but will also help you strike the right work-life balance. 


5. Take breaks every few hours to move around and stretch

Taking adequate breaks is an essential part of staying healthy and productive. 

You can set up your workstation to help you stay active during the day by using a standing desk or treadmill desk. It will help your body get its daily movement with a healthy production of happy hormones to keep you at the top of your mood.

Take a 20-minute power nap in the afternoon in case you’re feeling tired. Trying too hard to push through will only make things difficult for you. Try to be mindful of your body’s internal cues. 

A study from Harvard Medical School found that napping can help improve alertness, reaction time, mood, and performance on certain cognitive tasks by an average of 34 percent.


6. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods to stay energized throughout the day


Eating healthy foods will help keep you energized and focused throughout the day while getting enough sleep helps prevent stress-related health problems such as obesity and depression. 

A study from the University of California, Los Angeles found that eating a healthy diet that consists of whole grains, fruits and vegetables can help you stay energized for longer than if you ate junk foods. 

Drinking plenty of water is essential for energy production because it helps carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Water also helps prevent dehydration, which can lead to fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. So make sure to chuck on H2O.

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